Problems With Skin Disease in Dogs

Dogs can suffer from some health problems that humans would never consider.  One of these issues is skin problems.  Some forms of skin disease can become a serious problem if they are not handled early and correctly. Dogs are affected by many different kinds of skin disease.  Basic allergies are one of the simplest problems.  […]

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Symptoms and Treatment of Feline Diabetes

Cats are one of the most popular pets in North America.  They are loving pets, capable of providing you years of companionship. Like other pets, cats can sometimes get sick.  There are several different types of ailments that cats can get, one of which is feline diabetes.  Feline diabetes is a serious disease, although it […]

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Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Constant scratching, tail-chasing, coughing and wheezing, eye and nose discharges – if these symptoms can be observed on your pet dog, chances are very likely that he/she is suffering from allergies. Yes, dogs, just like their masters can suffer from allergies. Roughly about 20 percent of the dogs living in our homes suffer from some […]

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