• Epilepsy and Seizures in Dogs and Cats

    Epilepsy and Seizures in Dogs and Cats

    Epilepsy in dogs and cats is similar to that in humans. The main symptom is a type of seizure. Seizures can come in many forms and several of these are listed below: Generalized Seizures Generalized ...


PetAlive Natural Moves

Herbal remedy for cats and dogs to promotes regular bowel movements, plus a healthy digestive system PetAlive Natural Moves Natural Moves for Pets contains a blend of herbal remedies and biochemic tissue salts especially selected to support bowel health in pets and to maintain healthy bowel and digestive functioning. Used occasionally when needed, or regularly […]

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Natural Rx: Canine Distemper

Go straight to canine distemper natural treatments:What To Do | Herbal | Homeopathy | Nutritional | Other Home Remedies What is Canine Distemper? Canine distemper is a highly contagious viral disease that affects the gastrointestinal, respiratory and nervous systems of puppies and dogs. This virus also infects other wild animals such as foxes, raccoons, skunks, […]

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PetAlive Parvo-K

Homeopathic preparation of the canine Parvo vaccine to protect against symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and fever PetAlive Parvo-K Parvo-K is a natural, safe and effective combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients for treating and preventing Canine Parvo Virus and protects your dog against parvo infection. Use Parvo-K as an oral homeopathic vaccine to immunize your […]

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PetAlive DetoxPlus

Natural detox remedy with herbs supports detoxification for overall liver health in cats and dogs PetAlive DetoxPlus DetoxPlus is a natural, safe, effective herbal formula to purify the blood and eliminate toxins; prevent bloating; Improve liver performance and bile flow; and reduce the harmful effects of toxin build-up on skin, coat, joints and digestive system […]

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Making Simple Homemade Pet Food

Making Simple Homemade Pet Food

We want our pets to have the best possible care, and this includes feeding them appropriately. Below is a brief idea of what food is best for your pet. Animals, because they are color blind, choose their foods by smell. Most dogs like liver, fat, garlic, onions, lamb, beef, cheese and fish. Cats enjoy chicken, […]

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Cat Acne Treatment, Prevention

Your cat’s skin has two types of glands in the dermal layer. The sweat glands that keep the body temperature in check and the sebaceous glands that secrete a greasy substance called sebum. The sebum is a source of one of the most common cat skin diseases that we know as feline acne. Sebaceous glands […]

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