• Cat Looking at Medication

    Top Tips for Giving your Pet Medicine

    Oh boy – you came home from the veterinarian with a bottle of pills or liquid that you have to get inside your pet. How on earth are you going to do this? Even if ...


PetAlive LiverAid

Natural homeopathic remedy improves liver, pancreas and gallbladder health in cats and dogs PetAlive LiverAid LiverAid is a natural, safe, proven remedy for pets which is a blood purifier and system cleanser; to improve and stimulate liver functioning and prevent liver disease; to eliminate toxins and strengthen systemic resistance against disease and infection; and to […]

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PetAlive Vi-Pro Plus

Homeopathic remedy to protect against fever, diarrhea and respiratory symptoms PetAlive Vi-Pro Plus Vi-Pro Plus is a natural, safe, effective herbal formula which is an oral homeopathic vaccine to immunize your dog against Canine Distemper and other viral infections; and to protect against Distemper infection during a known outbreak. Vi-Pro Plus is safe, pharmaceutically manufactured […]

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PetAlive OralHealth Mouth Spray

Natural oral breath spray for cats and dogs to promotes fresh breath, healthy gums and strong teeth PetAlive OralHealth Mouth Spray OralHealth Mouth Spray has the added benefit of promoting oral health inside the mouth, supporting healthy teeth, gums and tongue. What could be simpler than a spray? OralHealth Mouth Spray contains colloidal silver – […]

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Causes and Symptoms of Feline Seizures

Seizures are symptoms of a disease. It is only when seizures are found to be idiopathic, that is, without a known cause, that seizures are conveniently termed as epilepsy. Actually, most feline seizures occur due to factors other than feline epilepsy. Free Pet Health Ebook For You…Natural Help for Pet Skin Infections Simply Right Click […]

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