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Common Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

There is no definite evidence showing precisely why dogs develop separation anxiety. However, because dogs who have been adopted from shelters have this behavior problem than those who grew by a single family since puppyhood, it is considered that loss of a significant person or people in a dog’s life can trigger to separation anxiety. […]

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Is Your Home Safe for Your Dog?

Dogs have a tendency of trying to eat just about everything they come across. In most cases, this causes some slight discomfort. There are things, however, that can be dangerous enough to cause death to your dog if he eats them. Common Household Dangers for Dogs 1) Antifreeze: Many people do not realize it, but […]

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Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Constant scratching, tail-chasing, coughing and wheezing, eye and nose discharges – if these symptoms can be observed on your pet dog, chances are very likely that he/she is suffering from allergies. Yes, dogs, just like their masters can suffer from allergies. Roughly about 20 percent of the dogs living in our homes suffer from some […]

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Canine Cushing’s Disease: Symptoms, Treatment

Excessive thirst and frequent urination are signs of four serious canine medical problems, including diabetes, kidney problems, liver disease and Canine Cushing’s Disease. Regrettably, not treating Cushing’s Disease could precipitate the others. After running basic tests, your veterinarian has eliminated the first three, leaving Cushing’s Disease as the diagnosis. What is Canine Cushing’s Disease? Cushing’s […]

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Canine Aromatherapy Safety Considerations

Safety considerations are crucial in using essential oils with dogs. There is no doubt that dogs, like all animals, are more sensitive to essential oils than humans are. While we share physiological similarities with our canine counterparts, they possess a much more powerful and acute sense of smell, which makes dilution absolutely necessary. Also, most […]

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Can Dogs Have a Stroke?

Can Dogs Have a Stroke?

Dogs are subject to many of the same health problems as humans. In fact, dogs are often studied in order to find solutions for human diseases and health issues since we share so many common ailments. Just as you are vulnerable to strokes, your dog is also at risk of having a stroke in certain […]

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