Pet Obesity: The Battle of the Bulge


Pet obesityThe fact that a dog or cat is chubby does not necessarily mean that he/she is happy. Unfortunately, just like with humans, obesity in dogs and cats can be a serious health risk and often leads to depression.

What causes pet obesity?

Many different things can be to blame for pet obesity but two of the biggest are overeating and lack of exercise.

In the wild, animals will naturally eat what they need and no more. The task of searching for food and other basic necessities involves lots of exercise, so wild animals remain naturally fit and healthy. The food available to them in their natural habitat is perfectly designed to meet their needs in an environment that has not been tampered with.

Domestic animals are provided with food which they do not have to hunt for and that is not always suited for their bodies. This means they often do not exercise as they should. Hunting also prevents boredom, and bored domestic animals may eat more than they need to keep themselves amused.

A medium size dog can be a few pounds over his/her ideal weight and not be a cause for concern. On the other hand, if a dog is fifteen percent over their ideal weight; you might want to start taking steps to correct this.

The first step in encouraging healthy body weight in animals is to examine lifestyle factors like diet and exercise. The second is to determine whether other factors like boredom or a sluggish digestive system could be contributing to making your pet plumper than he should be.

The more calories your pet takes in the shorter their life will be. Yes, vitamins and minerals are important, but the single biggest decider of lifespan is still caloric intake.

Pet obesity leads to other health problems

Obese dogs and cats have a variety of things that can go wrong with them, as a result.

They are more likely to have cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, respiratory disease, orthopedic problems, liver disease and diabetes.

Tips for helping your pet slim down

The first thing you should consider, if your pet is obese, is lowering the amount of food you give him or her. You should put a lot of thought into how you will go about accomplishing this.

Crash diets should never be an option. Whatever you do it should be slowly and surely. There are many reasons why to avoid crash diets: it can be dangerous, it is not humane and it can result in the ‘yo-yo syndrome’ (sudden loss of weight followed by rapidly gaining it back).

People are much the same way in their response to the yo-yo syndrome. It is a major reason why so many of us fail when we try to diet. Crash dieting simply puts the body into starvation mode and once it ends everything is lost. The key is to feed your pet enough to lose weigh,t but to not send them into starvation mode, at the end of it.

Your veterinarian may be able to help

It is very important to enlist the help of your veterinarian when starting your pet on a diet. They will ensure that there is not a medical reason for your dog or cat’s obesity. Many diseases can cause weight problems in pets including hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome. Once it has been determined whether or not there is a medical reason for your pet’s, obesity the vet can help you to set up a diet plan.

Many vets even have a computer program they can use to punch a few numbers into and get a formula for the exact amount of food your dog or cat needs each day. As you can imagine, this is a much better way of going about it than taking a simple guess at home.

Natural ways to help pet obesity

Natural remedies can be very effective in supporting body functioning to process food efficiently. Supporting thyroid and liver functioning, maintaining healthy digestive processes and metabolism, and supporting the liver’s ability to process dietary fat will all help to keep those extra pounds off your pet.

SlenderPet is a 100% herbal remedy specially formulated to assist pets to maintain healthy body weight by supporting liver and thyroid functioning, metabolism, and the body’s ability to eliminate fat.

Used regularly and as part of a total weight management program, SlenderPet is a very effective weight management solution for pets.

Learn more about SlenderPet now.

Pet Obesity

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